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Welcoming Spring

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What I enjoy most about living in the Northeast is the variety of seasonal changes each offers in temperature, scenery, and activities. I also never tire of witnessing the way nature signals that one season is ending and another is about to begin.

Winter Storms, a Case of “Weatherman Hype” ?

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This winter, record cold and snow have taken quite a toll on our daily routines.  For example, earlier this month, the New England region was on high alert for a possible blizzard with expected snow totals of 1 – 2 feet and wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour.  Schools, state and local municipalities, businesses, and roads were closed and state of emergency measures implemented.  However, in spite of this readiness, the blizzard did not fully materialize in every state, as predicted.  In response, some took a dim view of this outcome and blamed it on “weatherman hype” rather than Mother Nature changing her mind. Not us.

Communicating Company Values Inside and Outside of the Company

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There’s a simple rule of thumb to make sure your company’s values are effectively communicated: Keep communicating. The core message may be the same but the vehicles you use to deliver that message don’t have to be. Be creative by leveraging every option out there.