Communicating Company Values Inside and Outside of the Company


valueThere’s a simple rule of thumb to make sure your company’s values are effectively communicated:  Keep communicating. The core message may be the same but the vehicles you use to deliver that message don’t have to be.  Be creative by leveraging every option out there.

For internal audiences consider leveraging your company newsletter, departmental meetings, brown bag lunches, town hall events, email, intranet, desk drops, cafeteria table tent cards, posters, bulletin boards, voice-mail blasts, and even video clips.  One of my clients took a creative approach to communicating and reinforcing their company values by promoting a competition in which employees were asked to submit snappy slogans and/or images that the company would then use.

For external audiences, there are a variety of outlets through which you can communicate your company’s core values.  The most obvious are your website and press releases. However, another really effective means of getting this message out there can be achieved through your leadership team:  develop “sound-bites” they can refer to for shareholder meetings, media interviews, and speaking engagements.

Keep communicating and make sure the message is consistent by establishing a well-thought-out plan in advance.  Identify your target audience, the various vehicles available, and a timeline for delivery.   Follow these basic steps and you will be successful in communicating a consistent message about your company values.

I’m sure there are more ideas out there.  Can you think of any?  Please do share.