Welcoming Spring


What I enjoy most about living in the Northeast is the variety of seasonal changes each offers in temperature, scenery, and activities.  I also never tire of witnessing the way nature signals that one season is ending and another is about to begin.

For example, spring is on the way.  However, sometimes, some signs of spring make an appearance just a tad bit prematurely.  Take these poor flowers.  They decided to bloom in February — a year that we enjoyed one of the warmest winters on record.  Poor flowers:  these temperatures falsely signaled it was time for them to make an appearance, so they did.  And shortly after they arrived, it snowed! Clearly, this is an example of poor communications!

So, my suggestion:  whenever you plan to introduce a change, never take for granted that everyone:

  • Realizes a change is planned
  • Knows when it will be implemented
  • Understands how it will impact them
  • Comprehends what they need to do to be ready
  • Confirms they know any deadlines they must meet.

And finally, it really helps if you plan to communicate this information early and often!

Happy Spring!