Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting Cultures of Inclusion

There are many ways in which diversity plays a valuable role in corporate culture. A diverse culture offers perspectives that span across race, religion, nationality, gender, ability, education, income level, personality, and sexual orientation; it fosters more creativity, respect, and collaboration; and it has the potential to enhance productivity to achieve business objectives — but only if it is also an inclusive culture!

Our Diversity and Inclusion sessions are about conversations. We encourage conversations to unmask the uncomfortable and promote more about what we have in common: preconceived ideas about people who are different from us. This conversation opens a critical door to creating a culture of inclusion by helping participants to see beyond themselves.

Our sessions are interactive and intended to challenge participants intellectually and emotionally. Our goal is to help shift and shape the participant’s paradigm to hold themselves accountable and responsible for creating an inclusive culture of high performance.

We provide:

  • Strategic consultation on your overall diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Educational curriculum design
  • Customized training experiences

Diane Winston and her team were instrumental in helping to provide a framework and path forward for the CT Lottery Corporation’s supplier diversity program. They helped us adhere to a reasonable timeframe with concrete deliverables.

Anne Noble, Former President & CEO, CT Lottery Corporation

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