Making Change the Norm


Organizations that establish expectations that change is normal create a corporate culture that welcomes new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Take Apple, for example: their corporate culture is all about innovation. Employees are empowered to envision the future and encouraged to offer ideas that challenge the status quo. Change is the norm of this corporate culture, so much so that even consumers expect the company to consistently introduce new and innovative ways to use technology.  When we think Apple, we think innovation, and innovation is change.

But change for the sake of change is not always profitable or logical. In order for innovation to become the cornerstone that propels an organization forward, it must be closely integrated with its business proposition and aligned with its long-term objectives. This applies across industries.  Today, higher education, healthcare, and retail are all industries that are leveraging innovations to be the best, provide the best, at competitive prices. Introducing change into the corporate culture may take time but, if done strategically and thoughtfully, it can become the norm.

How about your organization?  How is change becoming the norm?  I’d love to hear from you.