Celebrating 8 Years in Business


September marks the 8th anniversary since we launched Winston Strategic Partners, LLC as a specialized communications consulting firm.  We are extremely proud of the strong reputation we have been able to establish across industries over the years.  Like any new venture, there was some trepidation when we started – particularly after spending so many years in Corporate America.  So much so, that, in the early years, we were willing to do anything for everybody.

However, little by little, client by client, this approach led to a variety of opportunities, in which we were able to demonstrate our expertise, capabilities, and commitment to delivering a quality work product.  Eventually, we were able to leverage our God-given talents, extensive business experiences, and passion for our work to focus our service offerings on what we do best:  defining strategies to communicate business objectives, developing creative and effective messaging to promote change, and managing assignments in a timely fashion to meet critical deadlines.

We have also come to understand the necessity for ad hoc, custom-made business collaborations … especially during the uncertain economic times we are all navigating.  Without the input of talented colleagues, we would not have been able to offer holistic strategic communications solutions – or, perhaps, even to stay in business this long.  So, we send a heartfelt, “thank you” to our collaborative partners.  We look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future.

Today, we are providing hands-on leadership for communicating change; customizing talent development and diversity training seminars; and working in tandem with our clients to design and implement programs that promote inclusion in the workplace.  However, we recognize that this anniversary would not be possible, if it were not for the clients who put their faith, confidence, trust, and success in our hands over these past 8 years.

As we lift our glasses to a toast for the future, we lift them in honor and gratitude to you, our clients.  Thank you for allowing us to meet your needs.  Thank you for referring us to others.  Thank you for helping us to become a better, stronger firm.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the years to come.

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