Helping Employees Understand How Change will Impact Them


There is one sure way to ready employees for change and that’s to help them to understand how the change will impact them.  In this five-part blog series, my first two tips were foundational and focused on communicating at all levels of your organization and achieving buy-in at all levels of the organization –  but now it’s time to build support from the ground up.

Tip #3:  Ensure employees understand how the change impacts them.

I find it most effective to help employees understand how change will impact them when the communications is developed from their perspective.  Yes, it’s important to convey the “why” for the change but I believe it is more important to convey “how” the change will impact each stakeholder group.  For example, if a particular group of employees will feel the impact more than another, acknowledge this fact — don’t ignore it.  If there are steps the company is taking to lessen the impact for these employees, communicate that as well.  Employees need and want to know that the company decision-makers have thoughtfully considered them in the process. This is a critical step often overlooked.

Other ways to leverage communications to help employees understand change impacts:

  • Publish charts that show the differences between the “Current” and “Future”
  • Develop and distribute a dynamic list employee-focused Frequently Asked Questions
  • Communicate the implementation experience and readiness recommendations of employees who have already gone through the change
  • Highlight testimonials of employees who are living the change and find it positive.

In my next blog, I will share insights on how to help employees embrace their role in the “new” world.